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journal" or jonah goldberg the "national review," erick erickson, rush limbaugh even weighed in on this thing going, come on, don't make it so easy for the democrats. >> it doesn't help with a certain narrative that might not be good for him for this presidential election. i'll leave it there. >> at least he's not rich. that's the thing. >> no, he's filthy rich, actually, but that's okay. >> see, that's the difference between democrats and republicans. republicans don't think you can ever be "filthy rich." >> you can't be rich enough. can you? you have to devour everything. >> absolutely. >> you don't really care about the impact it has on your life or your future. >> well, i think, you know, there are two impacts. the obvious thing, it adds another clip to david axelrod's greatest hits reel he can run as that caricature mitt romney as ritchie rich, and that's all true. but i think, joe, you're pointing to something important which is, you know, conservatives -- it fuels -- establishmentarians, it fuels their sense of concern. the paramount strategic challenge of any presiden
? this is worse than foot in mouth disease. i think it was jonah goldberg who said, he is not fit to run for president. he cannot get his words right. he keeps saying these things that paint him as wildly out of touch, this guy is not a good politician. and then there are conservatives who attack him on the message itself. let the democrats handle the poor, they have their entitlement programs, when being a true conservative is trying to lift people in poverty out of poverty. >> and also what you're talking about, the two issues, the style and the substance is right on. stylistically, there has got to be a more artful way to discuss the idea of being a middle class candidate, okay? he fails there. substantively, what you're talking about is, it's not exactly a conservative idea or a conservative impulse to go out and divide up the country based on economic demographics, racial demographics, ethnic demographics. this is something the right, in fact, excoriates the left for doing. so on both counts, i think people who are supporting mitt romney and who are just conservatives watching this
called it the most idiotic thing a politician has ever said. jonah goldberg writes, what is wrong with this guy? these are republicans. we won't even get to the democrats and independents. how does he -- how do you become the nominee, which most people feel he will be, and you have this kind of open guess youfg and your statements and your strategy, steve. >> what erin is saying is true. he's got the republicans upset because they like to play -- they like to bash the democrats for class warfare. the reason romney got himself into this this week and why this has been an ongoing problem. he's been aware and his campaign has been aware, running as the nominee of the republican party, which no matter who the republicans nominate, the democrats will paint the republicans as the servants of the top 1%. for romney to have that roll, his campaign has been aware for some time. he's so closely associated with the top 1%. he exudes top 1 percentness. he's come up with this platform. he's broken with the republicans where he feels he can on a lot of these economic issues. gingrich wants to e
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)